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ISPConfig Website Installer

There are over a hundred ready made packages that you can install on your site.

In this example we install the latest Joomla (v3.0) Content Management System (CMS) on a customer site using ISPConfig control panel.

Fist you must login to your control panel using your web browser.


Before you can use APS Installer to install a Web-App You need a Website to use it on.
On the Sites tab you can see the APS Installer sub-menu (marked with red arrow in this example.)
Choose Available packages sub-menu.

ISPconfig Website Installer


Available packages

There are over a hundred ready made packages that you can install on your site.


Choose package

First we locate Joomla package by typing joomla (red arrow on the left) and pressing the filter button.

ISPconfig Choose package


Install package

Press the Install this package button.

ISPconfig Install package


Configure package

Choose your (Joomla) Install location and optionally a sub-folder. (Sub-folders are usually not needed. You can leave it empty.)
Choose your (Joomla) login name, password, email-address & site-name. (SMTP and other options can be requested from IC.) 
Acceptance button enables the configuration.
Press the green Install button.

ISPconfig Install location


Installed packages

Your web-site is usually installed in a minute and you can see the installed packages.
Notice the Install location where you can log in to your new website.
If you have problems with the install location (server) check the default web-site server from client settings (Reseller only.)

ISPconfig Installed packages



Log in to the Joomla Administrator panel with the username and password you previously selected.
Enjoy your new Joomla 3.0 web-site (with default settings.)

New Joomla web site



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