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ISPConfig Add new Website

In this example we create a new website site using ISPConfig control panel.

(A new website is simply an empty folder/address on a server.)

Fist you must login to your control panel using your web browser.


You need an existing Client account to use the installer.
On the Sites tab you can see the Website sub-menu (marked with red circle in this example.)
Choose Add new website.

Add new website


New Website

Select the server you wish to use. (In this example demo1.)
Select the Client you wish to use. (This is usually your name or your company name.)
Select the Domain name you wish to use. (In this example website1 is the name of the site.
Demo1 is the server and internet-content.net is the domain.)
You can choose from several different PHP versions.
We intend to install Joomla on this site using the APS Installer so we choose suPHP. (Joomla likes suPHP.)
Most of the default settings here work fine with Joomla.
Don't forget to Save the settings.

ispconfig add new website 2


New site is ready

Your new empty website is usually ready after 1min. You can now visit your new site. The address you chose is visible under the Domain field.
If your DNS (internet address) configuration is not yet working you can also use the Aliasdomain for website to access your new website.
You can change your website name as meny times as you like.
Depending on the server you chose you can access the website using the following logic...


Next you will want to install something on your new empty website.

ispconfig add new website 3




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